Deep. A one-man show written and performed by Ray Scannell

I was delighted to design the printed pieces to accompany this show from Ray Scannell. This prodigious one-man performance won Spirit of the Fringe and was revived for a national tour. From the get-go, the audience is off with his vinyl-obsessing protaganist, the knowingly named Larry Lehane, as he transports us back to the dark-walled, ultraviolet surrounds of a certain house music club in the late eighties. Ray, using various technical devices to people the stage, then guides us through those strobe-lit, blurry scenes and leaves us outside, blinking in the rain, wondering what the hell just happened.

“Some say the key to understanding house music is to experience it in a room full of people. As an experiential, communal event between a DJ and a crowd of people, in this particular room, on that particular night. It’s something you can’t create by listening to records alone. The die-hards will tell you the key to the longevity of Sweat was the relationship built between the resident DJs and their audience over many years. Again, this is something that is very hard to imagine happening today.” — Irish Times